University of Wisconsin–Madison

Peace Corps Campus Ambassadors

If you are a University of Wisconsin – Madison student interested in Peace Corps, but not ready to apply, consider joining the Campus Peace Corps Ambassadors (a registered student organization).

Campus Ambassadors serve as Peer-to-Peer Networking Experts:

  • Campus ambassadors are university students who work closely with Peace Corps recruiters to raise the Peace Corps’ profile on campus and introduce the Peace Corps to new and diverse student groups.
  • The program offers a prestigious internship-like experience, only the Ambassadors are considered local experts.  YOU know campus better than anyone;  help Recruiters connect with new pockets of the campus population.


What do Campus Ambassadors Do?

  • Post and tweet multimedia content about the Peace Corps every week.
  • Identify and connect with diverse student groups around campus, plugging them into Peace Corps activities and sharing the Peace Corps story with them.
  • Help set up and turn people out to events put on by Peace Corps Recruiters.
  • Participate in nationwide Ambassador photo and video competitions.
  • Organize movie screenings and other activities.


What are the benefits?

  • The Peace Corps supports Ambassadors’ professional growth through training sessions, sample resume language guidance, a letter of recommendation and more!
  • Ambassadors receive training, a t-shirt, and swag to assist in sharing their enthusiasm for making a difference through life-changing cross-cultural experiences.
  • In-depth understanding of the Peace Corps organization.
  • Application assistance.

Get more information and check out the Campus Ambassador photo contest results here!