Discover your Peace Corps path

Is Peace Corps right for me?

Deciding if Peace Corps service is the correct path for you can be a daunting decision. Each Peace Corps Volunteer is unique, and so is each Volunteer’s service. Peace Corps service can come in many forms, so the best thing is to start with research! Look at the programs available, see where Peace Corps Volunteers serve, and hear stories from currently serving Volunteers.

Where do volunteers go?

Have you studied a foreign language? Are you researching a specific region and would like to immerse yourself in the local culture? Peace Corps Volunteers Serve in over 70 countries on four continents.

Each country is unique and different, therefore Peace Corps service varies from place-to-place. Find out more information about where the Peace Corps can take you!

What do volunteers do?

Peace Corps is unique in that it only serves in countries that have requested a Peace Corps program. Peace Corps works with the host country to develop each volunteer position based on the needs of the host community. Peace Corps works in six major program areas:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Community Economic Development
  5. Environment
  6. Youth in Development

What is Peace Corps Response?

Peace Corps Response is a program that sends experienced professionals to participate in short-term, specialized service projects in communities abroad. These assignments are open to both Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and first-time Volunteer applicants. Utilize your professional experience in a short-term, high-impact service assignment.