UW-Madison has been the top Peace Corps Volunteer producing university for the past four years, and is number two all time (since 1961).

Until the global evacuation due to the pandemic of volunteers in March 2020, 79 Badgers were serving and almost 3,400 have served total. It is with great excitement that we announce the return of volunteers as of March 2022. 

Will you be one?

Join the Legacy.

No one can explain life in the Peace Corps better than those who have actually experienced it.

Hear stories from Peace Corps volunteers who were evacuated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which are themed Unfinished Business.

Check out blogs and stories from Badger Peace Corps volunteers, collected over recent years.

To watch extremely useful Peace Corps Event Recordings (all around one hour in length) like “Introduction to Peace Corps,” “Financial Benefits of Peace Corps – Dissected series,” “What it’s like to be a Black American Abroad,” Acing the Interview,” “Serving as a Couple,” and “Peace Corps Celebrates Women’s Equality Day,” CLICK HERE!

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Unfinished Business

The stories below are from Badger Peace Corps volunteers who were evacuated during their service as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the theme of “Unfinished Business,” they share stories about their service and what they left behind.

Isabelle Mengesha: Panama

  • Unfinished Business in Panama

    by Isabelle Mengesha RPCV Panama 2018-2020 My name is Isabelle Mengesha, and I was serving in the Peace Corps as a Business Advising Agricultural Volunteer in the Sustainable Agriculture Systems program. I lived in a …

Maddie Campbell: Tanzania

  • Unfinished Business in Tanzania

    by Maddie Campbell RPCV Tanzania 2018-2020 My name is Maddie Campbell, and I served in the Peace Corps as a Secondary School Science Teacher in Tanzania. When I was evacuated, I left behind a project …

Abram Krause: Ukraine

  • Unfinished Business in Ukraine

    Abram Krause RPCV Ukraine 2018-2020 Hi, I’m Abram. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine before evacuation. I taught English as a foreign language and was working on a USAID grant to establish a service …

Badger Peace Corps Blogs and Stories

Below are blogs and stories either written about, or written by, Badger Peace Corps Volunteers that are serving or have served abroad.