Peace Corps on Campus

If you are a University of Wisconsin – Madison student interested in Peace Corps, but not ready to apply, there are volunteer opportunities to help you get ready and ultimately enhance your application: the Peace Corps Advocates (a registered student organization). The team works closely with the Recruiters to promote Peace Corps on campus and in the area.

What is a Peace Corps Advocate?

You are a university student who works closely with the Campus Peace Corps recruiter to raise the Peace Corps profile on campus and introduce the Peace Corps to new and diverse student groups. You are willing to help promote Peace Corps on campus through the registered student association.

YOU know campus better than anyone and can help Recruiters connect with new pockets of the campus population.

What do Peace Corps Advocates Do?

You have an interest in the United States Peace Corps, will commit to participation for the academic year, and offer an average of 5 hours/month of support (includes monthly organization meetings).

Examples include:

  • Post and tweet multimedia content about the Peace Corps every week.
  • Identify and connect with diverse student groups around campus, plugging them into Peace Corps activities and sharing the Peace Corps story with them.
  • Help set up and turn people out to Peace Corps events as needed.
  • Participate in nationwide photo and video competitions at strategic campuses.
  • Attend monthly meetings that include a presentation from a returned volunteer with Q&A opportunity, followed by sharing ideas and agreeing on action items to raise visibility on campus.
  • Provide volunteer support at events sponsored by the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Pioneer other volunteer opportunities within the Madison community.

What are the benefits?

  • You may receive a letter of recommendation from the Campus Peace Corps Recruiter, contingent upon performance.
  • You will receive application assistance.
  • You will receive team members training, a t-shirt, and swag to assist in sharing your enthusiasm for making a difference through life-changing cross-cultural experiences.
  • You will gain a broad understanding of the Peace Corps organization.
  • Through active participation in this student-led organization, you will receive volunteer credit hours, useful on your Peace Corps resume.

If you are ready to apply, sign up for the Peace Corps Advocates here!